Mission to help MEN – One mentor at a time

Posted at 10 Sep 2020

Wests Group Macarthur is thrilled to be able to provide $5,000 in funding to support Mentoring Men, a not for profit organisation which provides a free life mentoring program for adult men in the community.


With increased pressure to balance family, kids and friends and very challenging times in 2020, there is no more important time for men to reach out, chat and get things off their chests. None of us are alone and sometimes Men need a little reminder to check in on themselves and others.


Mentoring Men is a free service that carefully matches a man with another adult male who is trained to listen, support, and help you to define your goals in life. Mentoring Men also provides referrals to other professional service providers depending on their needs. All the Mentoring Men mentors are volunteers and bring different skills and knowledge to positively impact the wellbeing of Australian men. Amongst their support, Mentoring Men undertake activities for men such as walks & talks, breakfasts and online men’s forums.


The funds provided by Wests Group Macarthur will be used to support the expansion and operation of the free mentoring program throughout the South Western Sydney and Macarthur region including:


  • Providing training to prospective mentors through our professionally run 2-day Mentor Facilitation workshops and through the Lifeline and Wesley Mission Suicide Prevention workshops.
  • Engaging health care professionals to perform the intake/assessment of men seeking a mentor in our program and providing ongoing support to our volunteer mentors.
  • Helping with administration costs for items such as insurances, registration fees and promoting the Mentoring Men program.


See how Mentoring Men is making a real impact here




Do you need help or know someone who does?

Many of us experience periods of anxiety, feeling helpless, mental health issues, low self-esteem and other distressing life challenges. This is where a mentor can make a real difference in your life. Mentoring Men is a free service that carefully matches you with another adult male who is trained to listen, support and help you define meaning, hope and your goals in life.


How does it work?

Mentoring Men will carefully match you with a mentor. You will then meet up, jointly sign a relationship agreement and the mentoring will commence. You will usually meet with your mentor for around one hour every week or fortnight for an initial six-month period.

If you would like to explore this further please complete the Mentee Enquiry Form


How to refer someone you know

You can refer a man into the program by completing the appropriate referral form. For referral agencies, please complete the Mentee Agency Referral Form.

To refer someone you know or you think would benefit from the program, please complete the Mentee Family or Friend Referral Form.


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Wests Group Macarthur is proud to partner on such an important initiative.