Wests supports healthy kids



The Healthy Kids Foundation was established on behalf of Wests League Club in 2006 with the aim of encouraging local children to make better choices early on in life. The program assists children from primary school through to high school years in areas of eating habits, physical activities, sporting groups and lifestyle habits.


The Healthy Kids Foundation encourages local kids to engage in weekend sports by offering sponsorship agreements that assist in the costing of such team and individual sports. The Foundations is made up of six key objectives;


  • Providing education directly to children suffering from obesity, including information on dietary issues and healthy lifestyle choices,
  • Distributing information to schools and canteens to raise local community awareness of obesity in children,
  • Encouragement of programs and activities to motivate and enable obese children to lose weight by making healthier food choices and engaging in daily physical activity,
  • Aiding and supporting canteens that promote the availability of a variety of low-fat, high-fibre foods,
  • Promoting policies in the local community that provide children with obesity with opportunities to engage in sport and other physical activities, including facilitating participation by means of payment of sports accident insurance and first aid for participants and subsidising costs of participation in a range of sports, and
  • Endorsing ancillary activities that are consistent with promoting healthy kids in the Macarthur region.